Gruppo Petitto

Donnachiara Srl

The DONNACHIARA farm today thrives on the energy and innovative spirit of Ilaria Petitto, supported by her mother Chiara and the rest of the Petitto family.
Territoriality, authenticity, and sustainability are the values that inspire the company project which has its fulcrum in the town of Montefalcione, in Irpinia, particularly suitable from a landscape and wine-producing point of view, as it is located between the two denominations of controlled and guaranteed origin of the Province of Avellino: FIANO DI AVELLINO and TAURASI.
The objective of the winery is the constant search for quality through the continuous dialogue between nature and science. Know-how, technology, innovation are what characterize the production from the vineyard to bottling and marketing.
Altro aspetto fondamentale della filosofia aziendale dell’azienda vinicola Donnachiara è la sensibilità verso la tutela dell’ambiente e la cura del paesaggio.
The first photovoltaic system dates back to 2005, the revamping of which was completed at the beginning of 2023, the company is also equipped with a rainwater collection system and the Montefalcione vineyard is raised according to organic farming systems.