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Ctp Srl

CTP S.r.l. – Company Trafil Production has been involved, for almost 30 years, in the production and marketing of bare and insulated electrical conductors, copper and aluminum wires and strips, taped and not, intended for electromechanical applications and aluminum alloy welding wire.
CTP s.r.l. is a European player in the production of electrical conductors which has identified quality and the pursuit of high standards as the essential drivers of its growth.
Even in the procurement of raw materials, mainly aluminum and copper, CTP srl procures itself from historical suppliers selected on the basis of certified reliability, quality and efficiency criteria.
CTP srl products are used in the most varied sectors: electric cables, transformer windings, metal components, motor windings and medical equipment.
Its customers are located on the national and international territory and are mainly producers of wind and hydroelectric generators, turbine/turbo gas generators, high voltage transformers, distribution transformers, motors and household appliances.