Gruppo Petitto

Petitto Group

A story that starts from a southern town built uphill, like the journey of life.

The Petitto group has been created thanks to the innate entrepreneurial talent, intuition and great work of Umberto Petitto.

Growing up among the few opportunities that the small southern realities could offer him, while his family flew to America to seek their fortune, he chose to build his America, in his hometown.

It is from the fortunate meeting with visionary entrepreneurs that Petitto choses to start a brilliant entrepreneurial activity in the field of welding wire. An ambitious project that will lead to the decision to diversify by entering the world of electrical conductors, ears later, at the beginning of 2000.
A choice that, once again, was ahead of its time: the Petitto group began to take its first steps towards energy efficiency, when it was not yet a central issue for energy management on a global level.

Temperament, empathy, courage and instinct: the moral tradition that Katia, Ilaria and Angelo have inherited from their parents. A perfect formula that, only with great passion, study, continuous updating and work, can lead companies, projects and people to look to the future.

The three companies, different in terms of production, history and size, share the same values and objectives: strong know-how and continuous training are essential, as well as attention to raw materials, processing phases and timely response to requests of customers.

“Inossidabili” which means “Stainless” is the pay off chosen by Elbor s.p.a. and CTP s.r.l. to underline the shared desire to tell, with a term that goes well with the three products of the companies, the indissoluble bond between the brothers, who grew up with the same values, and their resilient nature.